My first update!

Hey all,

I know  it has been a minute since my last update. I hope you all are enjoying my new website! catch up below on what is going on.

It has been very busy these past few weeks. ( but I got this)  I went to the doctor last week for my follow up.  As we were talking, I told him my migraines have slowed down significantly. Which is a plus. But I brought of some other concerns.

My migraines has gotten better, I’m only having them about 2-3 times a month verses 3 and more. Unfortunately, we can not identify what triggers my migraines.But hopefully we will soon. Moving on,  If you read my last blog,  You may all know that I had a meeting with orthopedic and spine specialist. They agree to send me to the surgeon for my hand. At the same appointment, they also wanted me to come back and get my neck examine as well. With that, my doctor put in an x-ray and a MRI. That way the orthopedic can have an idea on what’s going and if it can be corrected with surgery.  ( to be continued)

Over the years, I’ve dealt with swollen joints ( hands and feet) After my trip from Washington, I finally spoke up to my doctor. Not only do I have swollen joints, I also have aching joints.  So out of concern, My doctor is sending me to a vascular surgeon to do a procedure to make sure I don’t have any fluid leakage in my joints. ( update coming soon)

I know some of you are asking about my fertility journey. Sadly, I have not started my cycle to move forward. I am 2 months behind but have no fear. I will be seeing my fertility specialist soon. It’s crazy to know that I’ve only had 1 cycle since the year started and it lasted for 2 months.

I have numerous appointments coming up, along with procedures. I will give you an update on when I am expecting to have surgery. I have a long journey ahead of me. I hope you all enjoy my new website.



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