I’m Good Love, Enjoy!

I’m sure many of you have seen this saying all over social media. “I’m good love, Enjoy”.  So I decided to use it for my next section. I think it’s time to regain control over our lives.

What does that saying mean? Here’s my interpretation.  When you’re finally fed up with recieving less than you deserve. You have to put people at a distance.  I think this saying is a good way to say ” Hey I’m cool off you. Stay over there” in a more classy way.  I feel that life is way too short to have toxic energy around. I would rather say a simple statement and move on.  Than to tell them how I feel, no matter how many times you speak your feelings.  They don’t care.  Plus this statement is more adult like, it comes off as I have no hate in my heart and I’m done putting life into the situation.

My advice for you all, is to cut all that is hurting you. Let this saying be one of your mottos in life. The best revenge is to kill them with kindness.  Don’t get me wrong, I  like being petty betty. But I’m getting too old to be holding to all this hurt and disappointment. With that, to everyone who has ever made feel  unwanted,  unloved or treated my like an option, to those who only come around to brag or to those who stop talking to me,  because they couldn’t be genuinely happy for me and even the one’s who tried to be cool with me even though they abandoned me at my lowest ( The list goes on) all I have to say is I’m good love, enjoy! God bless.



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