My GED journey Part 3

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to my final blog from my three part series.  This has been a wild experience and I’m happy I’ve made it to this point to share with you all.

I want to take a moment and reflect what this experience has taught me and hopefully inspired you in some way.  While going through my journey with my GED, I learned that you are your biggest critic. Noone in my support circle ever doubted me.. but me. Once I got over that thought of I can’t do it, I was able to allow myself a chance to use my full potential.

Now that you have read about me, ask yourself this do I have a great support circle? Am I actually giving myself a chance to utilize my full potential?  Now if you said no to both questions… well then my friend it’s time to change that. If you want to grow you have to start from within. Like I have said before nobody’s got you like you got you. Yes, your support system can support you,  but everything starts from with you.

Well how can I do so?

Great question, start by set some simple rules for yourself.  Setting boundaries for yourself is a great way to control negative thinking as negativity from the outside world (negative family, friends.. etc) can influence you.

Here are my few go to:

1. Say No, when you have reached your max. You can’t run smoothly on empty!

2. Start writing out your goals from big to small. Studies show that it is easier to manage your goals if you have them on paper.

3. If you’re stuck, take a moment to yourself and clear your mind. Sometimes life can get loud in our mind and we need a moment to quiet all the noise.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We all need different views to help us work through certain goals, for example the GED.

5. Finally, remember that you are more than capable of accomplishing your goals.

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