What does ME Vs. ME stand for?



Me Vs. Me is a self reflection stage for me. If you look at this photo above, It represents where I came from and where I am going.

Sometimes we have to sit down and reflect where we came from. The picture on the left was back in 2014, I was young and wild. I thought I was” living my best life” so I thought. But truthfully, I was hurt and damage. I was searching for myself. The photo on right is me now in 2018, I am no longer hurting or feeling damage. I am a wife and a mom now. I turned all that I was feeling and searching for back then into something beautiful. My voice has became stronger than ever. I have a long way to go on certain matters. But I no longer fall victim to my past.


welcome to ME Vs. ME!

Are you ready to talk about it?

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