Detoxing from Toxic People

Welcome back to another Me Vs. Me post


This subject has been heavy on my mind and I’m sure many of us has gone through or currently still dealing with it.

People don’t realize that the company you keep can be toxic to your health. Toxic people can come as anyone: Your mom, dad, family or friends. Sometimes it’s hard to close the chapter on toxic people. But at the end of the day, you have to choose yourself first, even if that means you lose people that you care about.

How do I detoxify myself from toxic people? Great question.  Remember it takes time to do so.

1.  Make a vow/promise or even declaration to yourself on what you are no longer dealing with. one sided friendships, verbal abuse, physical threat, and everything inbetween.

2.  This part here is important.  Voicing your feelings to these individuals. (Though sometimes you can’t always do so). But if you can, let them know what’s up.

3. Start falling back in love with yourself. Start writing in a journal or reading a book. Maybe update you music play list with more songs about self love. Leave social media alone for awhile.

4. This is the most important part of all. Start being selective on the people you allow in your life. If they start showing you something you don’t like.. let them go.  Life is too short to be dealing with something less than what you deserve.

5. Final step, get used to the fact that being alone is ok. When you depend on people to keep you a company.  You start allowing the type of behaviors, which shall lead you back to the square one. Once you start being comfortable with being alone, only people worth your time will come along.

These steps are not easy, but through overtime they will get easier. When you start healing, you don’t find the need to continue blasting people who did you wrong. It’s called growth. Plus when you are constantly letting people on social media know who did you wrong,  you come off as bitter and needy. Not everything is meant for social media.  People who are praying your downfall will love to see you in that kind of mess. If you’re truly about the your mental serenity and growth, you will move in silence.

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