A second chance

A second chance 
  Hey everybody! I have a small update for you all. So grab your water and catch up.
  I know some of you are asking about what’s new, well here it goes! I finally met with the fertility doctor and she has agreed to help us. But there is a lot of preparation before we move forward. The main focus is dropping a few more pounds, they do have a cut off standard when it comes to weight.. meaning if you’re over the BMI of 40. They will denie you help, until you get healthy again. I just barely made it. They ask me to lose 10 pounds or more. I know it will be challenging ,but I know I can do it.
  But why do you need to lose more weight?! Because, it will take longer to get pregnant if I don’t. Yes, I know some people that weigh more than me have, but their pregnancy wasn’t easy. If I don’t lose some more weight, I won’t be able to start this process. 2. I am cutting my chances in half by staying at my weight and 3. It’s so unhealthy to be extremely over weight.

 Did you know?!
If you lose 10 or more pounds, you can increase your chances to about 50%.

 My fertility doctor told me that in a year a woman without PCOS has 12 chances to get pregnant.  After she looked at my track record, she told me that .. I’ve only had 4 chances each year. Which breaks my heart. PCOS has robbed me out of so much.  I want to give up, but I know I can’t. Thank you to the ones that  have been supporting me! Welcome to the new supporters as well.Wish me luck on a second chance to conceive again!

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