For my ladies

   I decided to take a week off from my normal blogs, to give women advice’s on what to do after finding out you have PCOS. For those who are still debating on getting checked, please listen to your body and go!

What to do afterwards

  I know ladies, when you first find out you have PCOS it’s very overwhelming. Your mind is racing and you have so many questions. Like ” what do I do next?” or ” will I be able to have kids?”. I know exactly what you all may feel inside at that moment. This is how I picked up the pieces and started my journey. Let me tell you.. These are a few steps, I took after my diagnosed.
Step 1:
Take it all in and start accepting it, If you don’t do this your mind will try and fight everything you try to do to fix the issue. Don’t blame yourself. We can’t always control what our bodies do.
Step 2:
Research the condition . If you have PCOS you can go to and get information on what PCOS is. The more you know, the better. You are your best advocate. It’s another way to stay in the loop when addressing the issues/ questions with your Primary care provider.
Step 3:
Make sure to get all the testing you need to confirm the conditions. Not all doctors do this, sometimes they use symptoms instead. You need an ultrasound to confirm PCOS.
Step 4:
Don’t let your primary doctor be the one to treat you when comes to PCOS, always get a referral to the GYN. That is their job to give you options for treatment. Not all primary doctors believe in PCOS or know how to treat it.
Step 5:
It won’t be always sunshine and roses during this process,  But it will be worth in the end. I don’t know when I will conquer PCOS. But when I do, it will be truly amazing! Don’t give up. If you need a place to start, please go to for more information.
Ladies, we must look out for ourselves when it comes to our health. We only have one life and we all should be living are best lives. If you need  help or want to join forces, feel free to use my Facebook page. We are all CYSTERS and we should be there for each other.

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