Cyster Girl feature

First up on our first Cyster Girl feature!

This lovely young lady has bless me with her positive vibes for about a few months now. She and I have grown an amazing friendship. I am so honored to feature her story here. Without further ado, Here is Katrice Imperial Purisima


Her story:

I’ve been an irregular period type of girl for a big part of my college life, I think it started with high school, right along my senior year when my period cramps would get unbearable. I’d physically have to hunch over and cry even after taking medication for it. It got to a point that I’d have to take a nap in the nurse’s office every now and then, when my cramps got out of control. After educating myself about PCOS and how it makes it so much harder to predict when or where your period or cramps are going to strike. I became that girl who always brought about 3-4 spare pads in case anyone I knew needed it and a couple of pain relievers in case someone I knew who had it was having a bad day. Since having our daughter, my symptoms seem to clear up. Don’t get me wrong every now and again, I still suffer from side affects of PCOS.


Finding her hobby:

As for makeup, I love painting,  I think that is where my makeup gene had grown from. There were days when my cramps got bad and I would paint and wait for the medicine to kick in, to stop the pain. Eventually that switched to makeup, then I figured I loved the idea of having color on my face bridging out my creativity.  Showing spunk and just transforming someone or me into something closer to my or someone’s idea of their best self. I love how confidence can be boosted a hundred fold with the right product, I love how it’s a really good therapeutic step to possibly seeing the beauty someone else sees in you. I love how it’s a way to show your personal creativity and flare or just enhance whats there. Simple, natural, bold, colorful, out of this world, no matter what it’s called it’s still makeup and the beautiful part is it washes off at the end of the day. The idea that tomorrow you have the freedom to transform into either a 2.0 version of your beautiful self or go as extreme as a sea goddess.There’s just no boundaries.That’s my favorite part about being an MUA. It’s taught me I can literally transform into anything without having to sacrifice who I truly am.

A positive note:

One positive piece of advice I’d have to say is one that anyone who knows me has probably heard me say a million and one times 😂

I’m at a point in my life where if someone is nasty, passive aggressive, not supportive, mean, hateful, or bringing negativity into my life. I cut them off, block them and over all just move on from them. Life is too short to be anything but happy and seeing the beauty. You are what you are surrounded by. At this point I have no time for people who do not want to see me grow happily,  that is not a healthy thing to have around. Recognize what tries to keep you from being your best self. Feed the energy that feeds you and cut off the ones that don’t.


Below are some of her masterpieces! She even created several looks for PCOS Awareness Month!


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