About me/Services

I’ve always had a gift. (Typical story) But I love what I do. I love reading and helping people on their journey. Under this statement are my services. Over time I will be adding more. In no shape or form do I worship any (Archangels, Deity, The devil.) All of my readings are base on your spirit guide. My readings are guides for you to gain inner strength. I respect my ancestors, spirit guide.

Please respect my craft. If you do not believe or open to this. Please don’t waste my time.

Pricing and Services

General reading with Oracle
  • This includes a 3 card pull and voice clips description of each. Highly recommend for those who are genuinely curious. ( One per customer)
I am ready
  • This is for those who want to jump right in. This reading is Tarot based. This includes 3 card pull and voice clip description.
The duo
  • This is plan combines the two plans above. 6 Card pull and description of all of them. Oracle and Tarot cards
Inner Trio
  • This plan combines the duo and your destiny number. (Must be willing to provide your birthday)


You can either choose to receive a video, a zoom call or picture with voice clips.

All Sales are final for each plan.

Readings can be past, present, and future tense. If it doesn’t speak to you at that moment doesn’t mean won’t later.

Here is a slide show of testimonials