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Hey everyone,


It’s been so long since I wrote an update. I do apologize to my readers. As I have mentioned, my podcast covers more topics for those who do not have time to read my blogs. I was finally able to balance both and again I do apologize for the delay.


What’s been going on health wise with me lately? Well that would be a good question. I have been dealing with new specialists. As most of you know, my last pain clinic just dismissed me after 3 injections. Due to the fact they did not work and now I had to deal with finding a new clinic.

I did find a clinic and we have a solid plan to help me maintain. My pain provider made it clear that there is no cure for me and I just have to learn how to live with my pain. All he can really do is to provide some assistants to help me maintain.  At this point in my life, I would rather have some relief than no relief.  Our plan is for me to continue to do Physical therapy. I have a Tens unit machine, which delivers electric pulses when I need it to my muscles. Along with trigger point injections, this is my least favorite due to how many times he has to inject me in session. The injection is a medication that is mixed beforehand. In my first session, He injected me over 17 times at one appointment. In my neck and lower back.  I will have to consider paying out of pocket for massage therapy and acupuncture to help assist my game plan.


After going to a follow up appointment with my pain clinic, I found out that I have Kyphosis aka Dowager’s hump. This is when a hump forms at the base of the neck because the spine is starting to curved. This is like a form of scoliosis and any age group can be affected by it. There are many reasons why this happens, poor posture or there could be an underlying issue. For example Fractures, Osteoporosis, Disk degeneration(Which I have in my lower and middle back) and more. (Scroll to the bottom to see images of this condition).

You can improve or fix this problem depending on how serious the hump/curve is, by wearing a full back brace, practicing good posture, physical therapy. The worse case is fusing the spine unless you have a major cause of Kyphosis, then you would need to handle that problem first.

I will need to get checked out and make sure there is no underlining problem causing it. This curve can start to push and create pressure on other organs. This can explain the numbness I have, weakness and breathing issues, stomach issues and more.


I will also be following with my OB/GYN to see when she will be testing me again for endometrial cancer.This coming February it will mark a year since my first biopsy.  I would love to update everyone with my fertility journey, but at this time I will skip this update for now.


Look at the slideshow below to see what it looks like and the difference between Scoliosis and Kyphosis.



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  1. You’re always in my thoughts and prayers! Sending you all my love and good energy! Thank you for updating me and she didn’t gsome light on topics I’m not that familiar with and I’m glad they can help ease your pain at least so it isn’t so much to bear alone.

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