The big update

Hey everyone,

Below is a recap of everything I have been going through for the past few months!


I know for the past few weeks, I have been keeping this a secret. But I finally got my results. I do not have Endometrial cancer! I am excited for the good news, but again it puts me at square one of what to do with me next.  During my time of dealing with the wait, I had my first round of a back injection. Let me tell you February was the most painful month. Not only did I have massive cramps and an on /off  period, I had to endure a back injection in my SI joint following with a biopsy. I would rather give a birth 3 times before dealing with this painful experience again.


March:  The healing month

After all my craziness in February, March became more of my healing month. But aside from the healing, I still had a few appointments this month. I met with an Oncologist for my iron deficiency issues. He agreed to do a iron infusion to catch me up and hope this would do the trick. Although this is a one time thing, he said if I have another crazy bleeding cycle ( which I will) we will follow up sooner and go from there. Following that appointment, I followed up with the pain clinic.  The clinic informed I should repeat injection in both SI joint at the same time ( Not ready for that).  I’m not excited about the pain I have to endure again. On the flip side I don’t have many options left. I must suck it up and handle it. I’m expected to receive this treatment at the end of April.  During the last week of march I had two appointments. First was my preparation for the beginning of April. I will be going under for a simple procedure. Secondly, was for my iron infusion.

A quick update: both the iron infusion and upper endoscopy went great. I still have awhile before I can feel the difference with the iron. The iron infusion was a one time thing, unless I have my never ending bleeding cycle. Then they will agree to do this again.

So far, that is all that has transpired since January. I have a long way to go and I am not going to lose this fight. These past few months had really put me to the test. Especially knowing my life could have changed if my result showed that I had cancer.  I honestly feel bad for not staying consistent but my life has been a busy train. I am determined to give you more to read. If you don’t have me on my personal FB. I now write for Women Aligned Magazine. Our launch date is May 1st. So mark your calendars!

Edit: Here is an inside look at my iron infusion



2 responses to “The big update”

  1. Babe you are so amazing and strong and brave to go through all of this with your head up high… this process is so stressful on you and you still manage to push through and do it with a smile. I’m so happy things, although they’ve been painful and worn you down, are looking up and the results are good news!

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    1. Thank you! ❤❤ I really do appreciate you 😘


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