My health update and recap

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to another update on my health. I’ve been so busy and also occupied with dropping “to him.” I’m back now to give you all an update on me.

Last I had written was about my hand surgery, my back and about me not getting the help for having another child. Well, here are some more recent events. I will be listing them by months.

In November I was still healing from my surgery and discovering that I have DDD and fibromyalgia.  Unfortunately, I still have yet to meet the weight requirements to continue with fertility. What also transpired is I ended up in the hospital after passing massive blood clot. Despite my blood count was significantly low, I was maintaining the blood lost and was sent home with instructions to follow up with a gynecologist.

In December my cycle continued without any break, and it definitely gave me the hardest time. I bled through my clothing articles throughout December.  I continued passing blood clots in the size of orange everyday, which also led me to have a migraine for a week straight. I finally met with my primary care, and he and I came with a game plan to start a lower dose of Metformin. He also refilled my migraine medication and put in a pain management request for my back.

January I met with the Gynecologist who was definitely straight forward on what she wanted me to do. She and I did a new lab panel to retest everything.  She also put me on different medications to go along with our plan. She made clear that she would like me to have a cycle every month by taking provera, a type of med that would help assist regulating a cycle. Long with iron, more metformin to up my dose and prenatals. I did the labs and it wasn’t so promising. My blood work came back and showed that I was now a 7 as supposed to being a 10 back in November.  it can indicate a big red flag, especially since I’ve been anemic all my life. She scheduled me to consult with hematology. They will be the ones to investigate more into why. They also could potentially diagnose any types of a blood disorder or leukemia. On a brighter note, my liver is functioning enough to handle the metformin. Our last follow up results will be discussed in another blog. Due to its seriousness, I would rather wait to say after further testing.

I also saw a pain management specialist and he has agreed to start back injections.  it was scheduled for February. Once they administer the first injection, I will follow up and see how well it will have helped me. And we will continue from there.

As you all can see, I have quite bit in the store for me. Unfortunately, february and march may be a major life changing for not just me, but my family. I will keep you all posted. Just make sure to follow my FB page for any crazy updates.

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