Health update

Hey everyone!

Thank you guys for still supporting me why I took an absence leave. Although I am not fully healed from my surgery, I still can manage to write and all.  I am going to cover a few things in this short blog post. I will be updated you on my back and my surgery.

My surgery went great, sadly the healing process is a lot longer than expected. I’m looking at a 3- 6 month healing. Yes I can back my strengthen, I am still weak with certain motions. I can’t brush my daughters hair just yet. I can tell the surgery did help a lot.  As time goes on we will see how successful the surgery was.

As many of you know I have back problems, from back pain, muscle spasm to constant pain. I can barely walk without my back wanting to give out on me. This has been going for 8 years now. After further investigation. My doctor said honestly ” You’re back looks like a 80 year old person”. He said that I have Degenerative Disc Disease ( DDD) often times they claim it as Arthritis. No there is no cure, only thing I can do is pain management to help me deal with the constant pain. The sad part is I don’t know if I will be able to walk in my 30’s or 40’s. The future is unknown.  To go alone with the DDD, I also have fibromyalgia. Which is constant wide spread of pain, in other words over active nerves. I’m not happy to be diagnosed with all of this, but I am happy to know there is an explanation for the pain.

Everyday is a struggle for me, I know will conquer one day at a time. I never imagine being 23 and struggling to see another year of life ( health wise). I do believe everything has a purpose and I may still struggle every now again to see that purpose. But I will continue to fight at all cost.



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