My Anniversary

Hey everybody!

As most of you know, next month will make it 2 years since I was diagnosed with PCOS. If you’re unaware of what PCOS is, I will leave link to my past post explaining this disorder.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would make it this far. There has been so many times I wanted to give up. But, I still had this drive to keep going. Even if it felt like I was running  in the same circle.

I am still learning to better myself.  But I am definitely proud of who I am becoming.  This journey has taken every last inch of my faith. I’ve been on this emotional rollercoaster and I’m sure it’s not over yet. One thing I do know is the strength I have is beyond measure.


Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.

Thank you to everyone who sees the beauty in what I do. To anyone one who needs to hear this, I’m proud of you and everything you’ve made it through. Keep going!

My past link:

What is PCOS

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