This is still my health update. The best word to describe my health lately is frustration.  My blog won’t be long this time, due to some many moving pieces.

My fertility appointment went good. Sadly, our process is delayed due to my weight.  Which I understand them caring for my health, So I can have a healthier pregnancy. It just sucks. But, I know in due time it will  happened. I just have to keep pushing to get to a healthier weight. Yes, I am aware of other women being larger than me and still being able to conceive, remember we are all different. I’m happy that I passed all of my test with flying colors. But there were a few that I didn’t do so well on. With that, I will be put on insulin due to my pre diabetes being on the border line. I have to follow up with my endocrinologist to get my injections all squared away.  She would also like me to follow up with a Bariatric surgeon.  So with that, I am contemplating having weight loss surgery to help.  I am aware of the factors. Just know I will be making the best decision possible for myself.

I met with my primary care doctor to go over other blood results, Two of the panels came back with elevation. which could lead to us getting  another diagnoses that will explain what is contributing to my body besides PCOS. I was refereed out to a specialist who will be taking a look at my case from here.

I have followed up with my other specialist for my neck and spine, sadly they can’t determine what is causing  the pain from neck down to my arms and legs. At this point the nerve specialist is pushing to see if I could have a muscle illness/ disorder or could I be that rare case of  my muscles deteriorating quicker than others. There is so many unknown things being thrown out there. In other words I am a medical mystery.

Thank you all for the concerns, just keep praying we find answers soon. Send positive vibes. Happy Early Fourth Everyone! Be safe!

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