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Hey all, I apologize for not posting my blogs like I normally do. There has been so much going on. It looks like my journey just got longer. There is about two weeks worth of information. Make sure to like, comment, share and even leave questions.


May 27th – 31st – I had an MRI on my neck. I also started my cycle after completing the medication my fertility doctor prescribe for me, which I was able to get my testing and my final procedure that my fertility doctor had ordered.

Fast forward to last week. my fertility produce went great! My tubes are open. But they did spot something in my upper right side area. They weren’t sure if it is my appendix or my kidney. They saw a dark mass. They also asked me if I had surgery there and I replied No. I will make a follow up with my primary doctor for additional testing.

Following that appointment, I met with the Orthopedics and Spine to go over my results from MRI and X-ray of my neck and spine. Unfortunately it wasn’t the news I was expecting.  I will be posting my diagnoses and their definitions so you all can know what they mean.

  1. I  have a lot of inflammation present all over my body. My Ortho would like me to concentrate on switching around my diet to help with the inflammation my body is having.
  2. One of my discs in my neck is really inflamed to the point it’s squeezing one of my nerves in my spine.
  3. Between my C-7 of my spine- one of my discs has double bone growth, which is curving. Long with my C-4 is starting to have an arthritis shape change. I’m not sure what this could me exactly, but I know that disc is starting to change in a bad way.
  4. I have fluid collection in the same area as my C-7. She also wants me to implement  diet change to help my body release the fluid that my body still retains. This will help keep my body from more fluid build up.
  5. My X-ray shows I have Spinal stenosis- Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spaces within your spine, which can put pressure on the nerves that travel through the spine. Spinal stenosis occurs most often in the lower back and the neck.

(I apologize if I may get the spine numbers wrong, )

With that, my doctor asked me to do more evasive imaging to finally pin point on what we can do. But in the meantime I must get checked for Fibromyalgia, and also get my thyroids examined. She would also like me to start water therapy to help while focusing on in taking less inflammatory foods. She was really shocked to see how weak and in pain I was. She was very concerned of  my well being. With that being said I have appointments already through the rest of June and even in July . That’s not including doing therapy sessions. The goal is to not have surgery on my spine but sadly this is only my upper back diagnosis. I have to wait for my next follow up to get scans and imaging for my lower back.

For the past few days, this news had been replaying in my mind. Why? well because, We don’t know the future of me carrying another child, due to my back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to know what’s wrong after 11 years of dealing with my pain in silence. But my journey will be a little longer than expected.

If anyone wants to join me on my fitness journey, feel free to join TCG tribe on Facebook.  I would love if everyone can send my family positive vibes! I didn’t come this far to give up!

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