Be. you. tiful

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

This Quote here speaks volumes!


Often times we forget that it’s not what other’s think of  you. It’s how you think about yourself.

Here are a couple of steps to accomplish this goal.

Step 1: Identifying your flaws

Step 2: Accepting them

Step 3 : Owning them

Why are these steps important? good question.  I find that after loving who I am. I had to start there. Once I know what I don’t like about myself ( aka my flaws) I learn to accept  them. meaning, learning to look past my flaws and not give life to negativity. because I don’t look like society standards. After I accomplish that, Then I am able to own them.  like wearing crop tops, knowing I have stretch marks or wearing shorts knowing I have cellulite.  Even wearing tank tops, Knowing I have bingo wings ( extra under arm fat). Yes, I know these things can be changed,with proper diet.. Etc. But in the mean time I am happy.


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