Fashion 101



This statement above is so true!

Welcome to Fashion 101. You have to be fearless in order to know who you are.


Here are some tips before shopping.

  1. Look at your current clothing, Try to identify your color pattern. Example: when you look in your closet, what color do you see the most? Most people my size, like more darker color clothing.
  2. Identify your least favorite color to wear
  3. Think back to a time you wore something that made you feel good! whether it was a skirt and a nice top or jeans.. ETC

The reason why I have you do these steps, is to help you see where to start building your wardrobe/ style. Once you completed these steps, you are ready. Now this can take some time to pick up. So once a week I will be showing you all some tips on how to shop, where to shop for deals and much more. See you next time!

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