My last update using Blogger

   Hey my fans and supporters, This will be my final update on this website. Please make sure to follow my Facebook page for my new website. It has been a pleasure to use blogger. I would have never imagine myself making this into something more, but I am happy that I kept pushing on. Thank you to everyone who has read my blog. I can’t wait to give you more content on my journey. This is only the beginning. With that being said, Let’s jump into my health update.
April 5th
 I went to see my doctor about my migraines, my pain from my neck down to my legs. As the appointment went on, My doctor confirm that I can’t be on birth control. Due to what happen last month with my stroke scare. My migraines and me also seeing bright lights during my migraines, was also an indicator for his reasoning. If I absolutely need to take it, I have to be closely monitored.  Remember everyone,  if you don’t feel right while talking your medication, speak up and report any symptoms to your medical provider.  It can save your life. As the appointment goes on, he referred me to physical therapy for my back again. He put me on a stronger migraine medication and asked to see me in a month. (To be continued)

April 10th

Last week I had a procedure done for my gallbladder.  This was my final evaluation to see if it needs to be removed. There were concerns during my exam, because my gallbladder did not show up on the screen. The medical examiner made me get up and walk around the hospital at least 15 times to see if that would help. If my gallbladder didn’t show up, once I was done with my walk, it meant my gallbladder wasn’t working at all. Luckily,  it did show up after my walking break. So we were able to move on to the next phase. I don’t know my results at the moment, but when I return to the doctor. I will ask about them. I will keep you all posted.

April 18th

  I had a hand appointment with the Orthopaedic . As most of you know,  I have carpal tunnel. After my exam a month ago, my results show that I am losing my motor skills little by little. I’ve tried hand therapy,  massage treatments,  my brace, hand exercises and warm/cool packs. I explained that all to the hand specialist and he agree to me having surgery.  I also told him that my neck has been giving me trouble. He agreed, He feels that there is something  wrong with my neck and he would like to see me for further evaluation before I see the surgeon. He said it could lead to me having surgery on my neck. But he wasn’t so sure as of yet until my evaluation. I am scheduled to meet the surgeon next month for my hand. My goal is to get my neck evaluated before then, just in case there is more issues.

 I have some much to get done. My life has been very busy and I see myself being busy for awhile. Please send lots of love! As I close out my last blog on this website, I  really do appreciate the love and support thus far. Thank you everyone! See you at my relaunch!!!

2 responses to “My last update using Blogger”

  1. I can totally relate to having medical issues, one after another. As you mentioned, I too have learned that if something isn’t right, listen to your body and seek help from a doctor, as many as it takes to get answers! I wish I had taken action sooner Than I did and been persistent when I was told ‘it’s nothing’.

    Good luck and get well,
    Boring Black Girl

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    1. Thank you! I will definitely check your blog out


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