A quick update

  Hey all, This update will be quick! I’ve been dealing with a lot over this weekend and I need some rest. I will be taking some time to myself.

   In my last update, I told you all that I was on Birth Control to stop my month long cycle. Well after 2 days of taking the Birth control, My cycle stopped. I was instructed by my doctor to stop taking the birth control once my cycle has stopped. ( which I did) Well my cycle started again, So I started  the birth control for about a week or 2 and My cycle stopped. Once again, I stopped taking the Birth control. Now I’m currently having a really bad cycle. In other words, I am filling up a pad every 1-2 hours. This isn’t good for me, Because I am battling with anemia. This can lead to what happen last year. (If you need a refresher, please go back to my very first update to catch up) I noticed that I was also was having really bad migraines for about 7 days, no matter what I took or did, it wouldn’t get better. Late Saturday evening, I was having a really bad migraine that was only on my left side.  everything on my left side felted weak, I had a hard time swallowing my food. I have never experienced this severity of a migraine before.

Yesterday I emailed my GYN and told her that my cycle was not stopping and that I was having really bad migraines. She was asking me about all my symptoms with the migraines, (Like are they only on one side, am I seeing flashing lights) I told her, Yes I am. She said stop taking the birth control right away, She said that you are at risk for a stroke. ( once again you guys this situation was about to turn deadly) She instructed me take another medication that will help stop the heavy bleeding. But if I didn’t improve in 24 hours, She will bring me in. As you guys can see, I am running out of options and the final option left would be me having a Hysterectomy. But my GYN reassured me that she will do her best to avoid the hysterectomy. I’m happy that I caught these symptoms over the weekend and didn’t brush them off or this could have been really deadly situation ( Again) .

   Which bring me to this point. You only have one life ladies and Gents. If something isn’t right , make note of it and let your doctor’s know. Especially if you’re on Birth control. I have so far came into 2 close calls within a year. I am okay for the most part. I will keep you all updated on what happens next. But take care of you! If your doctor don’t take your health serious, Find someone that will. I did go into the ER last night, Just to check and make sure I am okay.  After spending all night, I was cleared to go home. They did not see no sign of a stroke. They did caution me to keep on the look out for the same symptoms like Saturday evening. Mini strokes are possible, Never push off  symptoms. If you don’t feel sure, go to the ER. Your life is important!!!


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