Weekly update

    Hey guys! Grab your popcorn and follow with me. There is one subject that is not related to PCOS, But I am a mom first and I have to take care of  my child.
    I know there wasn’t an update last week, I wanted to give myself some time to get some more answers. But there is still some up in the air. As you guy know I’ve been scheduling appointments left and right. Take a look below and catch up on my exciting past week and the next few weeks to follow.
   I followed up with my doctor last Monday for my lab results. He told me that I was still a pre diabetic. But, for the most part, my liver and kidneys are still functioning. I also started my cycle, 2 days prior to my follow up. I warned my doctor that, in the past, after missing two months, I ended up bleeding for a month. I also told him I started off  pretty heavy. So with that, he was concerned and ordered my iron labs again to see where I was at. I tell you all the results in the end. He also ordered me to do an ultrasound to check the lining of my uterus to see if the lining was too thick and if so I would need a procedure to burn some off so I would be able to have less episodes of heavy bleeding. I scheduled my ultrasound at 12am, because that was there only opening (Guys, I was so tired!!) he also agreed I should go see a gastroenterologist to check my stomach out; I also need a nerve study to identify my damaged nerve or nerves. This will surely let me know if I will need injections to help me manage my pain . I will also be seeing the GYN who would give the final okay for the uterus lining procedure I mentioned earlier. I left happy because he listened.. but also sending me in the right direction (but there is so much to do.. Sigh).
  The next day I had an appointment with an Endocrinologist, they specialize in PCOS. She pretty much told me that she wanted to do injections that would help with my diabetes, weight loss, fatty liver disease and more. However, there is a problem associating with it. It causes birth defects. Since I am currently wanting to get pregnant, it’s not a good route for me. So, we decided to put it on hold until after my fertility appointment to see if they are going to take over help me get pregnant. If not, I will follow back with her in March. In the meantime, she ran more labs to see if I have a possible tumor, which could also cause the same issues like PCOS. She also wanted to check my estrogen levels to see if they were imbalanced. I had to give blood back to back (what made it worse was that I had been bleeding pretty heavy) she had me take a few sample sticks home, do them for 3 days, and return them to check my levels. This has to be done when I am sleepy (it will give accurate readings). So far, I haven’t heard anything from her yet. (to be continued)  later  on that Thursday, I had my ultrasound at 12 am ( it was one of the most painful things I had to go through) I was able see that I had 6-10 cyst on each ovaries. (YAY me) No, the doctors won’t remove them.  They just let cyst enlarge and pop on it’s own, unless it gets too big; then, I would need another surgery.
    So after all my referrals passed, I was able to make all my appointments. On Wednesday, I have my nerve study appointment; next week, I will see the GYN for my follow-up on my ultrasound (I’ll let you all know, if I need the procedure); the next following week, I will have my other ultrasound to check my gallbladder, plus my fertility appointment and my follow up with the surgeon (to be continued); in March, my gastroenterologist  appointment will be followed (once again..To be determined)
   I have mentioned about my daughter getting a procedure done, to check and see why she was still tearing up without any reasons. She has great eyesight, but the ophthalmologist wants to check her tear ducts to see if there is any clogging. If so, he will clear it out. They will insert a camera in the corner of her eye socket in both eyes and take a look. After a week of waiting, they called me last week to schedule the procedure and the pre-operation. Being already stressed out after millions of appointments and possible procedures for myself, my baby has to get one as well. Plus my cycle is already going into week 2 soon. Well..My doctor called and let me know that I was 4 points away from needing a blood transfusion. (I was a 6 last year on my levels) I am a 10 and dropping. He ordered me to get back on my iron again and after a month he will retest me. If my numbers do not change, he may have to do an iron infusion and further blood testing(still to be continued).  I tell you guys. I have been so stressed and exhausted! These past few weeks have been emotional and tiring. No parent wants to see their 2 year old go under but it must get done in order to fix the issue. Unfortunately, I am going back down hill like last year. It is rough for my family. My daughter set to get this procedure done later this week. We already did her per-operation appointment. Send prayers and love her way. If she doesn’t get better, they will have to do a second procedure and put a silicon tube in her tear duct tunnel to help. Let’s hope it gets fixed on the first time.
   You all can see my life has been busy, exhausting, and still up in the air. I just ask that you pray for my family and send love our way. You guys can leave notes or anything on my PCOS page, if you are on my personal page, you guys can send me messages. I would appreciate if you all did. There is so much left to do and get done, I’ll let you know if anything changes for the worse.
Welcome to my journey/battle. TO BE CONTINUED……

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