The first update of the year

 Hey all! welcome to 2018!!! I have some good news and some bad news at the moment. Overall I hope all is well with everyone. I appreciate the love and support that you all have given me and I hope you all keep joining me on this journey!
  I found me a doctor ( so I thought ) This lady was the worst! she cut my appointment down to 5 minutes and cut me off at every moment! On top of that she was making me wait another 2 weeks to actually talk about my PCOS ( I was so upset ). The only thing she did was to refer me to the General Surgeon and she also evaluated that I have gastritis (YAY me another issue). I felt disappointed and feared that I was going to have to go through a billion doctors to find a decent one.
 I did follow up with the surgeon, that went pretty well. We agreed to actually do the hernia surgery. But he thought that my gallbladder could be the reason for some of my issues as well and wanted me to get an ultrasound to determine if my gallbladder caused me serious issues, if so he will remove it at the same time he fixes my hernia. He prescribed me new medication to help me with my gastritis as well. ( there will be a follow up next month )

 Remember my second paragraph about the crappy doctor??? Well the lord heard my prayers and sent me another doctor! Later that day I met my new doctor and it was so refreshing to find a doctor who actual cares and knows what he is doing. My appointment with him went very well, He referred me to a fertility clinic and as well to an endocrinologist. I’m very happy, because this is one step closer to me controlling my PCOS and having a child! ( I will give you guys and up date once I make me an appointment next week).  He also put in a new set of labs for me ( he is checking for everything! From my diabetes to my liver and so much more) which I have to fast for these labs, I’ll be doing those next week as well. ( I’ll let you all know the results) we covered everything for the most part. Even the lump in between my breast bone ( that also has been giving me problems) he put in for an x-ray for the same day( it’s done, just waiting for the results) I’ll be following up with him to talk about the nerve damage and carp-tunnel next time. Not once did he call me fat nor did he gear everything to my weight. He said, “we already know your weight did contribute to some of the problems, but let’s figure out what we can do from here and if there is something more deeper we’ll do our best to fix it” ( i literally cried on the inside. I’ve waited so long to hear that). We just hope he can keep this mentality up and continue providing me good care.

As you guys can see a lot has been going on since we last talked, for the next week or so a lot of answers will be provided and I can hope to see what’s in store. My journey is far from over! Thank you so much for the love and support, even though I am far from Washington state; I can feel the love. If  you’re new to my journey welcome! I hope you enjoy and I hope you stick around for more. This is only the beginning guys!

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