The end of the year checkup

Hey all! I just wanted to do a last minute hello before the new year! I know you all are wondering about how I am doing.
 Overall I’m doing okay. It’s just that my sharp pains in my chest are more intense and my cycle is over a month late (but there is a presence of me starting soon)
I’ve been losing weight quite fast… Due to me losing my appetite (which is common with liver disease) The problem is I am affecting my liver in a negative way. Sadly, I can’t see a doctor anytime soon until my insurance transfers over to their new system. Which can take forever.. Any who this effects me terrible.. Because it prolongs me receiving care. (Remember I still have a surgery to do for my hernia) it’s been tough on my health. But we can only hope for the best.
In other news! I did start up my YouTube channel (yass girl) all I ask is that you guys subscribe and watch. I’m doing my best to use my voice wherever I can. Like I said before it takes all of us to be heard. So make sure you come along for that journey as well. You guys get to see quite a bit into my life. I also posted my schedule for the new year… Refer to that to see what’s in store.
If you’re still on the fence on why you should support me… Then I hope you do see through my blogs why you should. I am a mother, A wife, A friend , A sister and A daughter. I’m just like you.. If you have prior feelings about who I was in high school (let it go) don’t let old feelings dictate how you see me. What I do here is to save/ help as many women as I can. The only personal gain here is the satisfaction of me using my voice. I hope that you will decide to join and support me and my cause.
I have a new feature where you can follow my blog directly as well. Make sure you guys subscribe to my YouTube channel and make sure to ask questions on my facebook page! See you all in 2018!

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