The mother of all updates

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a few weeks since I last made my last entry, but here I am bringing  you all an update on what’s new. I’m going to address the following topics in order; my PCOS update, iron levels drop, diagnosis of pre-diabetic, surgery talk, hernia, and liver disease.

First up on the list is my PCOS. It has been giving me a tough time. I’ve been bleeding non stop for almost 4 weeks, pretty much a repeat of March through May. If you don’t know what went on or want a better understanding, feel free to catch up on my latest entries before. My doctor prescribed me birth control pills to help, but it is pretty much out of my doctor’s hands until I move and find me someone else. Until then, I will be suffering.  My iron levels are still showing that I am anemic and I must stay on my iron pills to help me from developing anemia again.

Second up I did was a retest to clarify if there was any changes in my pre-diabetes diagnosis. Unfortunately, I am still per-diabetic until further notice. I know you all are wondering how??  I am now severely overweight, my BMI is over 40%. I have PCOS, which  is mostly likely a contributing factor to the cause of type 2 diabetes. With these two risk factors, it has put me at risk for a heart disease and full blown type 2 diabetes. So, just know I will likely be put on some type of insulin to help balance out my insulin levels. (to be continued).

Third is they want me to have a weight loss surgery to help me combat the obesity; but, believe me I am weighing out my options. Once I move, I will give everyone a firm update on where I stand. I told you all about a concern about a hernia and indeed I do have one. It’s called an umbilical hernia, and it is unclear how it happened. Doctors said they won’t operate until I lose weight because it’s location is too deep (it will result in a long nasty looking scar; but if it is an emergency they will do the surgery). They also feel that there isn’t enough time for me to heal and a risk for infection also would be too high. Plus, I have been bleeding a lot to a point that it can result in me hemorrhaging during surgery. I would rather wait until I stop bleeding in order to proceed. If I do a weight loss surgery, doctors can fix my hernia at the same time.This is all up in the air until after I move. I just pray my hernia doesn’t worsen until then.  (to be continued)

Lastly, I found out I have liver disease.Yes, you read it right. I have hepatic steatosis (Fatty liver disease) here is a little brief definition: It’s when the fatty tissue is more than 10% of the organ weight, which is caused by obesity. There are two types, alcoholic liver disease and non-alcoholic liver disease. In my case, it’s non-alcoholic. What does this mean for me is that potential liver failure is on the horizon, if not closer. If I don’t lose weight, I won’t be here to see my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I’ve been also following my symptoms to see if my condition turns for the worse. There is no cure. I can’t lose weight too fast because it would really hurt my liver even more. Yes, I will live with this for the rest of my life along with PCOS. This condition is connected to PCOS because the excessive weight can start targeting other body parts like your liver, your heart, and many others.  Overall, PCOS can turn my body and condition deadly with just a flick of a switch.

To wrap up this update, You can see my family and I are having a tough time. I am not seeking sympathy, I just want to bring awareness. PCOS has turn my life upside down and has me down the road of denial. These past few weeks has consist of constant criticism/ bashing to myself and I just ask for prayers and support for my family and I. This is going to be harder than I thought, But I will get through it.

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