Hey all, It’s been a minute. Well I came bearing some interesting news, I will be following this order to better organize whats’s going on. First, will be my PCOS, Iron levels,Then surgery, potential breast cancer talk and the development of acid reflux.

Update on my PCOS: While I was on my family vacation, I ruptured a cyst which wasn’t pleasant and I know I will continue to do so until I get on birth control. But I’m just fearing of the blood clots and many other complications. My doctor has order some tests to make sure I don’t have a blood clotting disorder. ( currently pending) As him and I continued to talk he referred me to an Endocrinologist to further my care with PCOS. I know you all are wondering what is a Endocrinologist??? Well an Endocrinologist is a specially trained physicians who diagnose diseases related to the glands. The diseases they are trained to treat often affect other parts of the body beyond glands. While primary care doctors know a lot about the human body, but for diseases and conditions directly related to glands they will usually send a patient to an endocrinologist. As a woman who has PCOS this one of the best answers to get, because I have a chance to receive more care on a condition that most regular primary care don’t know how to treat it. With one good news, more bad news follows. I’ve gain about 13 pounds and now this puts me at 235 and over 40 BMI, which means I am dangerously over weight. This one of the crappy side affects of PCOS, you can eat normally and still shoot up in weight. With this being said my fertility has gone done significantly,I’m about 23%- 43% less likely to get pregnant.This journey is going to be long and frustrating.

Update Iron Levels: During my pregnancy confirmation last July ( not pregnant by the way) I also checked my iron and wasn’t notified until this appointment. It turns out my iron is going back down, I’m currently standing at a 16 and now that I am bleeding again.. Not a good look. So I’m back on my iron pills and still waiting for my new results. I still stand as anemic. (currently pending)

Update Surgery: I’m currently waiting on my consult for my surgery. If some of you have been following my blog, you all I know I had surgery during my pregnancy. Well apparently they left sutures inside and now that is causing me to have a knot right above my surgery scar and  for about awhile it has been giving my a very hard time. From making me feel sick, to causing me pain, especially if someone touches it, in other words being annoying. I will be seeing a surgeon tomorrow for a final decision. (currently pending)

Update on potential Breast Cancer talk: As the months gone by, My right breast is displaying changes that are concerning. like growing larger again and some pain. My doctor decided it would be best to get an ultrasound and see if anything is there. If so, I’ll get a mammogram and then next levels to figure out if it’s cancer. Yes, I do have breast cancer history from grandma. (currently pending)

Last Update is Acid reflux: I’ve been experiencing intense sharp pain in my left chest for months now, well it turns out I’m starting to develop acid reflux and with that has put me on medication to help manage my pain.

With this all being said, I’ve been going through it and I will keep you all updated! so keep me in your prayers. If you have any questions or comments, let me know!

Thank you!

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