Let’s talk about it

 In my Facebook live I did earlier this week, I mention on sharing some issues with PCOS. So here you go!
 Please keep hurtful comments or judgmental comments to yourself.Thank you

These two pictures are another prime example of PCOS, Weight gain is a huge issue for us women.The bottom left corner is me in 2014 just starting my modeling career, weighing 165 pounds. The right corner is me in 2016, weighing 230 pounds. WOW! huge differences. I know some are saying well you just had a baby. Let me break it down for you. My starting pregnancy weight was 165 and after pregnancy 195. So I gain 30 pounds total, it’s common for some women. 9 months later, in only one month I gain another 35pounds. I was eating normal, but my body just changed. That’s when I was diagnosed with PCOS after my wedding in September of 2016. As you can see PCOS affects many as aspects in a woman life.
( There is more content below the two pictures. Keep scrolling)


 In the first picture to the left is currently my stomach. Yes, I know my stomach is not a appealing to all of you, but this is the life of motherhood and PCOS. Most of my stretch marks are from being pregnant and the ups and downs of weight gain from  PCOS.  In the middle you can see a indent right above my belly button that is one out of 3 scars from my cyst removal surgery ( Sorry, I couldn’t get better lighting to show all 3). During my pregnancy they went in three different ways through my stomach to remove the cyst. Now I am permanently scared for the rest of my life. Yes, it can get a little lighter in the future, but the pain and the memory will be forever. This is a prime example of what many women with PCOS goes through, some worse than others.

(My silly daughter in the bottom right corner!)

This is more than just a fundraiser, it is us finally talking about something most people are afraid of or it’s too personal to talk about. Talking about our cycles can save our lives. I know it can be weird to speak on or speak up about, but it’s important that we do. Doctor’s are not going to gain more knowledge without us! So let’s talk about it. If you can’t spare money, please like, share and comment. Do it for yourselves, your mom’s, your sister’s, your daughter’s, your best friend and your aunt’s. It starts with us. link below for the fundraiser:

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