Good and Bad News

I know most of you are all wondering what’s been going on with me?! So here it goes… My blood count seems to be stable at the moment which is great! My PCOS has been a little bumpy, but not enough to send me to the ER again. My doctor and I are still working on the best treatment for me to maintain my PCOS, so right now I’m stable!

The bad news is my carpal tunnel has turn for the worse for my right hand.. Yay me! I know most of you are thinking  how does carpal tunnel go with my doesn’t. But I wanted to shed some light on my health problems that has been apart of my journey with PCOS. Now back to it.. My carpal tunnel was diagnosed in 2014, but over the years it has taken it’s turn for the worse on my right hand and it’s a big deal since I’m right handed, So I’ve been going to occupational therapy for a month to “help” the issue even though it’s to late for that. But any who. My therapist and my doctor believe it’s more deeper than that because of my tremors in my right hand , which would probably explain my neck and back pain, my very painful back spasms, the loss of feeling from time to time in my right hand and the chronic pain from my neck down to my hand. After my evaluation turns out my hand has severe nerve damage and I have to get refer to a neurologist to further investigated the severity in my nerve loss I have in my right hand. If they find that I have little hope to easy my pain then I will get injections in my hand or wherever it is needed. But if my damage is beyond worse then I will receive surgery ASAP. It honestly sucks to seem my right hand deteriorated right in front me, it’s hard to type, write, do household stuff and play with my daughter.

So with that said I’ve been dealing with a lot on my plate, from my PCOS, finding out that I am moving and that I am losing my strengthen in my right hand… Jeez it’s been tough. I’m still holding my ground with every stride in my battles and I refuse to give up. I feel at times that I am being robbed out of my full enjoyment with life, But I know that it will get better… eventually. With this being said enjoy life and your loved ones… life is too short.

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