Health Update

Hey all! I know some of you are wondering what’s been going on for the past week and wondering why I haven’t been blogging for a good minute. Well, For the past 3 months I have been dealing with a lot on my plate health wise.

From March 9th to April 9th I was on an heavy cycle which lead me to go to the ER after calling the nurse of my former primary care provider a few days prior to. Over the phone she stated that she still didn’t think it was important enough to see my doctor until the following week. After my ER visit they didn’t do much and sent me home. I followed up with my former primary care provider and all he did was prescribe me birth control without doing further testing. So I  followed my birth control regiment and stop bleeding for about a week and then my cycle came back full force. My former primary care provider also did an ultrasound and found another cyst on my right ovary. Once again it wasn’t important enough for him to do further testing.. Around this time I started seeing a nutritionist and she caught the mistake that my former primary care provider failed to do. The mistake was that he didn’t conduct the 5 tests that are required for the diagnosing of PCOS. The OB doctor who diagnosed me ordered my labs and from that point I decided to find me a new care provider. I finally had enough of the lack of care and found me a new primary care who took over my case.

On May 5th, I went to the ER, because I  was bleeding for 2 weeks, passed a huge blood clot the size of a tangerine, and the pain that came along with it was beyond words. After spending almost 10 hours in the ER, they sent me home again. Five day later while I was still bleeding heavily, I met with my new doctor… Let’s just say my appointment went left, after being diagnosed with type 2 of PCOS. I found out that I am in the danger zone of anemia and I was only 2 ML away from needing a blood transfusion. He also told that I ruptured the cyst  before I went to the ER that last Friday. Which explains why I was in so much pain. In the middle of my doctor talking, I began to feel like I was about to pass out. My doctor stop everything and got me on fluids, all while this was happening I was so confused as to why these doctors allowed me to get to this point. You guys I was so heart broken, but at the same time grateful because I found a doctor who is very knowledgeable of PCOS and health in general. So after that fiasco he put me on iron and calcium pills, as well as a stronger birth control to stop the bleeding.

Great news! I stop bleeding.. but my body is still trying really hard to maintain. Everyday my life has been affected, between constantly getting dizzy to feeling sick, to swelling in my hands and feet, to joint pain and very bad back spasms. I just recently seen my doctor and we are waiting on my results to see if I am in need of a iron infusion and to see if I have any sickle cell traits which, if positive will lead to more testing. Overall I have been fighting this long and exhausting battle. I appreciate the people who have checked on me and has been super supportive. I know some of you are confused because I don’t look sick and some of you may have seen me enjoying the sun this past week , but that is one of the miss conceptions of disorders in general. Believe me when I say I hardly leave my house and if you do see my pictures on Facebook this past week just know I am still suffering, but I’m trying to make best with my life. So don’t judge people because they don’t look or seem sick.  Judge less, love more.

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